Consistently Inconsistent

Ok, so my goal two weeks ago was reach my step goal (12,000) at least three days of the week, and to track my food diligently. Did that happen? No.  Well, this week I did hit my step goal three days, but other than that, no.

Why did this not happen? Because of what I tell myself in my head. I tell myself that I am just too exhausted at the end of the day to get out there and get those extra steps. I tell myself that it is too cold or wet to get out there and get those steps. I tell myself that I would rather be pending time playing with my daughter. I tell myself that I will do something to get them tomorrow. I tell myself that I am tracking in my head, and will log the food in later….and not to worry because there is no way I am going over my Points allowance with what I am eating.

Now all that being said, I am still consistently eating clean almost all the time, and measuring my food portions. I have been slack with the water, which annoys me that I have let slip, and my exercise schedule has not changed (but it is not what I want it to be – I consistently do a great workout on Friday evening and Saturday and Sunday afternoons, but the rest of the week is not regular).

So what does this mean for my goal…give up? Pick a new one? No, I think I will keep trying to meet it, because they are both simply good things to be doing. Even if I wan’t trying to lose body fat, these would both be worthwhile activities. Also, how can I truly say something isn’t working for me, if I never really tried it properly?

See THIS is where all my Gen X entitlement rears its ugly head. I want to be able to have what I want immediately without doing the real work. I want to eat well and exercise for one week and lose 20 lbs of fat. I want to eat “whatever I want” and be lean like all those non-existent people who that is a reality for.

Just wanted to share a cool thing I read and see what people thought of the ideas/science behind it. Check out this article regarding training to compliment your hormone levels/menstrual cycle:






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