Back at it

I would say, all in all, a successful week was had.

When I weighed myself last week I nearly lost my mind – my scale told me that I was only about 5 pounds away from how much I weighed when I was 40 weeks pregnant. My daughter is now almost 3. Not good.

Now, that being said, it WAS the end of the holidays, I had just spent three solid days sitting on my butt in a car driving from the Maritimes to PEI, AND I can’t find a level spot in my whole house to set my scale on, so I basically can weigh myself in 5 different locations within the same minute, and I will get 5 different results.

Regardless, this number was nowhere near what I wanted. My knee-jerk reaction when I have this kind of weight crisis is to sign back on for Weight Watchers. Although it helped me lose over 100 pounds several years ago, I don’t know why I go through these periods of resentment and cancel my membership. I guess there is shame involved; part of me feels like I SHOULD be able to figure this body composition thing out for myself. So, I am going to do Weight Watchers again, because it works for me. And, if it ever stops working for me (like, when I want to get just a bit more ripped than your average person!) then I will try modifying things a bit.  I must say, tracking does bring me a special kind of calm that I just don’t get when I am winging it. I have enough question marks in my life without leaving my eating up to chance as well.

Here is a brief overview of my week: 

  • Eating: Clean 85-90% of the time, tracking moderately consistent, no alcohol consumed, started out good with the water, but petered out as the week went on
  • Activity: Just being back at work makes for more activity without even trying. I got rid of my chair in my room so I just have to stay on my feet all day. Also, I did Fit Girls club with the kids twice – introducing them to step aerobics. On Friday night I went to the gym and did some rowing, one round of a barbell complex (Cosgrove), and one round of HIIT (box jumps, burpees, wall balls). Saturday I did a HIIT workout that I found on a Facebook page I follow called Ripped Goddess. Has rowing, box jumps, deadlifts, burpees, lunges, power cleans, ball slams, wall balls, and more. And today I did one of the workouts I bought from Eleonora Dobrinina (can also be found on FB and IG). She is a world-class powerhouse.
  • Weight: Well, like I said, I can’t exactly be sure how much I actually weighed at the beginning of the week, but I weighed myself at the gym and am pretty sure that I have lost between 5 and 7 lbs. I know, mostly water I am sure….but water takes up space too!

My goal for the week is to do even better at tracking, keep the water going, and try to get my step goal (12,000) in at least 3 days this week. How are your resolutions going?




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