30 until I am 40

2017. The year of the cliché. For me at least.

I have 30ish weeks until I turn 40, and my New Year’s resolution is to streamline, create space, and grow.

Rid myself of all excesses. Excess stress. Excess body fat. Excess material goods. Fruitless distractions. Rationalizations and excuses that hold me back from being what I want to be. Anger and self-loathing from not living up to my own expectations.

I want to strengthen my body and grow my muscles. I want the lightness of spirit that comes with the weight of the future and the past being lifted off my mind, and be present in my life. I want to have personal goals that I am excited about. I want to amaze myself with what I am capable of. I want to hold fast to my ideals and not fall into the trap of having my vision clouded by the day-to-dayness of life. I want to embrace the joy in life without that negative, soul-sucking voice shouting at me from the back of my brain (or at least I want to know what I can yell back at him to make him shut up).

So that is why, after these several years away from blogging, I am back. I have been thinking about it for a while, but now I am actually putting finger to key and doing it. I am mainly looking for accountability, but I am also hoping that with it will help me think a little harder about what I am doing, and help me appreciate the changes I am making, no matter how small.

What are your resolutions for this year? How do you plan on sustaining your committment?



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