Power UP!

Since becoming more healthy and fit, I like looking for ways to challenge myself. When you have spent basically the entirety of your life as a heavy person, you don’t ACTUALLY know all the capabilities of your body. But my plan is to find out!

So I saw this article online from Active.com about increasing your VO2 Max capacity. Challenge accepted.

I actually created my first treadmill interval workout today, based on one of the bits in the article…it goes a little something like this: Do this at an incline of 1.0 to avoid shin splints!

10 min easy jog (5.0)
Interval set one: 15 sec @ 8.5, 45 sec @6.0 (do six reps)
Interval set two: 20 sec@ 8.5, 1 min @ 6.0 (do six reps)
Interval set three: 30 sec @ 8.5, 1:30 @ 6.0 (do six reps)
Interval set four: 40 sec @ 8.5, 2 min @ 6.0 (do six reps)
Cool down

Of course, the speeds can be adjusted up or down for your current ability level.

And now to replenish….


In the Magic Bullet:
1 ripe banana
1/2 cup egg whites (equivalent to 4 whites)
14 g coconut flour

Buzz it up until thoroughly combined. Cook as you would cook any pancake in a non-stick skillet sprayed with cooking spray. DON’T make the pancakes big…they will be impossible to flip without breaking. I did three 4″-5″ pancakes.

Now, for the BEST part…spread the pancakes with Philadelphia Chocolate Spreadable Cream Cheese, and then fold them over or sandwich them together…and eat those bad boys. I am a pretty big fan of this new Philly product…it hits the Nutella spot for half the calories.




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