Posted in March 2013

Power UP!

Since becoming more healthy and fit, I like looking for ways to challenge myself. When you have spent basically the entirety of your life as a heavy person, you don’t ACTUALLY know all the capabilities of your body. But my plan is to find out! So I saw this article online from about increasing … Continue reading

Treadmill Compilation

Just to counteract the doughnut post…Here is a compilation of my current favorite treadmill workouts! As you can tell I am a big fan of interval workouts on the treadmill. One, because they really rev up the metabolism, and two, it’s really hard to feel bored when you are running … Continue reading

Not-so-old-fashioned baked doughnuts

Went toy shopping at Bed, Bath, and Beyond with my handy-dandy 20% off coupon, and got me a DOUGHNUT PAN! I’ve only been thinking about getting one for about six months now…been weighing the pros and cons. Pros: it’s fun, it’s cool, I can make all the doughnut recipes I see on Pinterest. Cons: more … Continue reading