I am not a Vegan. I am not a Vegetarian. But did you know that if you lose the obsession that you have to eat some kind of meat at every meal, there is a lot of really good, interesting food you can eat instead? And did you know that the Canada’s Food Guide suggests eating as much or more beans and legumes than meat? And we all know that fruits and veggies are important!

I found beet burgers by ‘accident’ one time at Whole Foods and have been in love ever since.

Tempeh, I had heard about from my vegan friends for a while, but “fermented soybean loaf” was not on my bucket list. However, one day I went to this raw, vegan full-serve restaurant called The Naked Sprout and got this thing called a Protein Power Bowl which had tempeh in it….and turns out I LOVE IT.

Quinoa. Everywhere you go you hear quinoa! Supposed to be a ‘superfood’, lots of protein, fiber….it’s a whole grain, yadda yadda. I want to eat more of it, but the few times I have tried making something with it I sucked at it. I always like it when other people make it though. So I was pumped when I saw these Quinoa Sweet Potato burgers alongside my beloved Beet Burgers at Whole Foods.

The cooking instructions on all 3 of these things is to pan fry – for that crunch and caramelization. I managed to find a cooking spray in a can that has no propellant gas…but I am still using a non-stick pan…Oh well. Only HALF the poison. (baby steps!)


Beet Burgers…crunchy, soft, moist, nutty, earthy, toasty, slightly sweet
Tempeh…meaty, crunchy, nutty, bacon-y, caramelly
Quinoa burger…crunchy, soft, moist, sweet, sage comes through but not overpowering

Verdict: Will eat all of these things again and again




Have you ever surprised yourself when you tried and liked a new food? What are your favorite meatless meals?


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